Ecumen Customer, An Original Red Bull Who Helped Save Rome, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Aug 7th, 2009 9:50am

Sixty-five years after Don Singlestad helped liberate Italy from the Nazis, he's returning to be honored for that long-past feat. (photo courtesy of Jean Ruzicka, Park Rapids Enterprise)

One of the most-decorated noncommissioned officers of the Army's famed Red Bulls during World War II, Singlestad, 92, will travel next month from his home in Park Rapids, Minn., to the northern Italian city of Vernio.

There, he and other representatives of the 34th Infantry Division will officially commemorate a highway that honors the Red Bull Division's role during the war.

"I guess they wanted me to go because of the decorations I got, but I didn't go over there to win medals," Singlestad said. "I went to fight Hitler, the craziest fool who's ever lived in this world." 

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