Volunteer Opportunities

The power of people, both employees and volunteers, make Ecumen the most innovative leader in senior services. We appreciate and value the volunteers who bring the Ecumen promise: Innovate Empower Honor to their volunteer service.

Anita is a volunteer at the Ecumen community of Sunnyside in Lake Park. She started volunteering quite naturally. While visiting her mother, she invited others to join them for a cup of coffee and to share stories of days-gone-by. Anita is now volunteering in the dining room, serving coffee and beverages and giving a ready smile to everyone she meets.

Every Ecumen community has volunteer opportunities to match your abilities and interests. And while you’re giving of your time and talents, you’re receiving so much more because volunteering is good for the soul!

Carol is a volunteer at the Ecumen Communities of Parmly LifePointes and the Villages of North Branch. As a new volunteer, she helped people to and from chapel services. But that was only the beginning. A cornerstone of Carol’s beliefs is that all people are beautiful. She wanted to capture the beauty, dignity and radiance of the people she met at the Ecumen communities and share that with others. So, with her talent as a photographer, she created a photo exhibit titled the ‘Beauty of Aging’.

Although each community may have opportunities in different areas, some of the volunteer activities to consider are:

  • Providing companionship through reading, writing letters, conversation, a listening ear.
  • Working in the coffee shop or gift shop
  • Gardening
  • Sharing your musical talents
  • If you like computer work, there may be a volunteer opportunity waiting for you
  • There are maintenance projects that could use a handy volunteer
  • We welcome your ideas of other volunteer activities

What are the requirements for volunteers? The standards we expect of both employees and volunteers are:

  • Most important, have a genuine interest in people
  • Treat people with dignity
  • Provide excellent service
  • Establish trusting relationships

Can I volunteer with a friend and what is the schedule for a volunteer?

  • You can volunteer by yourself or with a group from church, work, or wherever
  • You can volunteer on a regular schedule or once in awhile. We have lots of volunteer at holiday time. Volunteering other times of the year is appreciated.

How do I get started?

Click here to locate the Ecumen community in your city, town or neighborhood. Then call and talk to the volunteer coordinator.