Mill City Commons

At the forefront of innovation among adult communities is the “virtual village” concept, most recently shaped in partnership with residents in the historic milling section of Minneapolis near the new Guthrie Theater. Neighbors established a nonprofit membership organization designed to build community and meet lifelong health and social interests of its members. The first village was Beacon Hill Village in Boston, founded in 2001.

Mill City Commons engaged Ecumen to help develop the “virtual community” which is expected to serve as many as 300 area residents ages 50 and older. Through partnerships with pre-screened service providers, members have access to social, cultural and wellness activities, home maintenance and concierge services, as well as medical care and assisted living services.

Members connect through an interactive website with a calendar of events, services, and networking opportunities. Daily telephone check-ins can be arranged, as can access to volunteers who can help with meeting daily living needs. Core resources and services are included in an annual membership fee, with additional products and services available at discounted rates negotiated by Ecumen and the Mill City Commons board of directors. Mill City Commons residents can enjoy “aging in place” among a vital, inter-generational community.